MOL focusses on the distress underlying any particular symptom pattern rather than the symptoms themselves

Controlling People Will Never Give Up

That’s the title of my latest article for my In Control blog. You can find the article here: I use the article as an opportunity to explain the mechanics of control and to point out that, fundamentally, we are all controlling people. My stance in this article is that we need to embrace control rather […]

Posted 05.09.18

Another In Control blog article

The statement “Have it your way” has formed the basis of another article in the In Control blog at Psychology Today. The article can be located here: In the article, the way in which that simple statement summarises the fundamental purpose of living is described. Life is a continual process of trying to have things […]

Posted 12.08.18

A new article on the In Control blog

I’ve just posted an article titled “Why Do We Do Things We Don’t Want To Do?” on the Psychology Today site. You can find the article here: The article explains how central our wants are to all that we do and, in fact, our very existence. Everything we do is connected to our wants. We […]

Posted 05.08.18

Some thoughts on consciousness

A new article has just been published in the Annals of Behavioral Science. The article is an interpretation of consciousness from a PCT perspective. You can find the article here: When viewed through a PCT lens, many of the established queries and puzzles about consciousness disappear. In their place, new questions can be considered regarding […]

Posted 31.07.18

Find Out Just How Groovy Control Is

A new article has just been posted to the In Control blog at Psychology Today. The article is titled “The Grooviness of Control: You could learn to love it.” You can find it here: I wrote the article in response to the people who have suggested to me that the word “control” has negative connotations […]

Posted 22.06.18

In Control blog hits 1/2 a million views

It was wonderful recently to discover that the views on my In Control blog past the 500,000 mark. There are now 44 articles on the blog and, as of early on 6 June, there were 537,158 views. It’s wonderful to know that there’s so much interest in these ideas. Thanks to all those who contributed […]

Posted 05.06.18

A New Article for the In Control Blog

A new article has just been posted to the In Control blog. The article is titled “Finding the Thing that Makes You Happy” and can be found here: The basic idea of the article is that there is nothing “out there” that can make you happy. And, at the same time, everything “out there” can […]

Posted 05.06.18

New Blog Article

A new blog article as been added to the In Control blog library. You can find the article here: The article explores the relativity of living which is created by the multiple goals we have in our minds. All these goals are all active all the time. Some goals are compatible and some are competing. […]

Posted 22.11.17

Highly successful MOL workshops

I’ve just returned from the UK where I delivered two highly successful MOL workshops. A one-day introductory workshop was conducted at the University of Manchester and a three-day workshop was conducted at the University College London. The response at both workshops was overwhelmingly positive with one participant at the London workshop describing the event as […]

Posted 08.08.17

A Blog Article About Self Determination

A new article has been posted to the In Control blog. You can find it here The article discusses the fact that self-determination is much more than a basic human right. Self-determination is part of our design as living creatures. More harmonious social living may be achieved by recognising our own and others’ self-determining natures.

Posted 05.07.17

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