MOL focusses on the distress underlying any particular symptom pattern rather than the symptoms themselves

There’s No Such Thing as Behavior

That’s what I’m proposing in my latest article on the In Control blog. You can find it here: In this article, I suggest that what we can observe as “behavior” is only ever half the story. In order to really understand other people, and improve the way we relate to them, we need to understand goals. […]

Posted 28.08.19

The DSM: Unfit for purpose.

In this article, I start a 5-part series that considers the approach taken to mental health diagnosis by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) published by the American Psychiatric Association. You can read the article here: In some very fundamental ways, which I explain in this article, the DSM does not, and cannot, […]

Posted 05.08.19

More About Goals in the latest In Control Blog Article

The latest blog article has just been posted to the In Control Blog on Psychology Today. You can find the article here: In this article I continue the conversation about goals. The discussion considers some of the implications of being creations of goal seeking control systems. By understanding our design more completely and more accurately, we […]

Posted 31.07.19

All About Goals

A new blog article has just been posted to the Psychology Today In Control blog. The title of the article is “Goals R Us”. It can be found here: The focus of the article describes the way in which our entire existence is defined by our goals. We are, essentially, goal-seeking systems. I’m planning a follow-up […]

Posted 10.07.19

Two new articles

In the space of a few days, two new articles have been posted to the In Control blog. The first one is titled “Why Won’t You Admit You’re a Controller?”. You can find it here: The second one is titled “Seven Dangerous Little Words” and can be found here: Both of these articles discuss different aspects of […]

Posted 11.06.19

Thinking About Contentment

Have you ever wonder what contentment is and where it comes from? I’ve just posted my latest article on my In Control blog which considers these ideas: We have everything we need to create the contentment we would wish for ourselves. Sometimes the hardest part is listening to the ideas we’re creating. I hope some of […]

Posted 03.05.19

Health is Control

A new blog article has been posted to the Psychology Today In Control blog. You can find the article here: In this article I suggest that, since control occurs at all levels of biological, psychological, and social functioning, we could think about health in general from the perspective of control. Our interventions might become more effective […]

Posted 30.04.19

Comparing Ourselves to Others

A new article has just been posted to the In Control blog. The article is here: In the article, the very common tendency to compare ourselves to others is discussed. Of particular interest is the fact that many of these comparisons seem to be in an upward direction. That is, we compare ourselves to people […]

Posted 25.01.19

Check out the In Control blog for a new article

I’ve just posted the latest article to the In Control blog. You can find it here: In this article I explore that phenomenon of having different parts or pieces of ourselves. The secret to peace of mind is to find the piece in the background of other pieces that might be arguing or fighting. It’s […]

Posted 14.12.18

The In Control Blog has a new article!

Continuing the theme from last month’s article, the article for this month is titled “Why Bother?”. You can access it here: In this article I highlight the fact that some bothers are fleeting but others hang around for much longer. I go on to suggest that the ones that hang around are being fuelled by […]

Posted 30.11.18

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